• The Yes Network September 2021 Event •
Wed, Nov. 17, 2021 • 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

 Learn from some of today’s top speakers and experts on how to not just survive, but THRIVE in this new economy!

Details for our next event are in the works. Make sure to mark your calendar for Wednesday, November 17, 2021!

Micheal Jeffreys

The Power of Vision

In this fast-paced, motivating, and thought provoking seminar for success, Michael Jeffreys shows you exactly what you need to do to break free from your comfort zone and skyrocket to your next level. This captivating program is loaded with unique stories, insights, original humor and practical ideas.

Lisa Lapides Sawicki

Topic TBA

Lisa is a coach, speaker and trustworthy professional clinical counselor. She has an intuitive ability to guide her clients through their challenges and toward their desired goals, while teaching them how to attain emotional health. Her coaching combines honest self awareness, self talk and self action to breakthrough emotional blocks, issues, difficult relationships and reach desired goals.

Michael Wickett

Topic TBA

If you want breakthrough strategies, to enable you to create breakthroughs, personally and professionally . Michaels individual coaching and products will give you the tools. The tools to create your desired life outcomes.


Dr. Kelvin McCree, MA, Ph.D.

My Laser Focus

Dr. McCree is the Chief Learning Officer of Laser Focus Leadership Solutions. Whether live or virtual, his presentations are not just fun, but inspiring & action oriented. His signature programs focus on cultivating an agile workforce & increasing employee engagement. Dr. McCree also hosts the new growth & success tv show, The Pivot.

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Bruce Weinstein

Build and Keep Your “A” Team

CEO of The Institute for High-Character Leadership, Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D, is known as “The Ethics Guy.” He writes & speaks on ethical issues in business, politics, & the news. He’s been an ethics commentator on shows like NBC’s Today & ABC’s Good Morning America Bruce also works with organizations that want to do the right thing every time and that know the key to their success is the high character of their employees.

Adam Ranville

Count Your Daily Wins

Adam has delivered live motivational & educational keynote programs to over 300 organizations, impacting over 13,000 people’s lives both personally & professionally. His material is deeply rooted in personal experience and personal study. The content is truly captivating and connects with all audiences from all walks of life.


Mary Jane Mapes

Transformed Leader: What is Required?

Mary Jane Mapes is President of the Aligned Leader Institute, a best-selling author, thought leader, executive coach, and creator of IGNITE – Next Level Leadership. She helps leaders fulfill on stakeholder expectations, scale leadership within themselves, and create high performing teams.

John Tenza

Get More Business Now!

John excels at helping people get great results. Whether he is speaking to an audience of thousands from the main stage or coaching people one-on-one, John has a way to get the best out of people. With 40 years as a Realtor, 30 as a Professional Speaker, and 20 as a Results Coach, Businesses and Consumers alike both value his depth of knowledge and experience.  

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Dennis Moseley-Williams

Get Serious. Get Weird. Get Going.

Tenatively Rescheduled for next live event

There is a powerful adversary operating against your best wishes and most sincere aspirations. It’s a savvy, terrifying and active force determined to stop you from creating work that matters, work that reaches people and connects with them. The first step is to recognize it, drag it out into the light and face it. The second is to commit to doing work that matters, that makes people notice and react. You know the third step. Start.

Do you have lists of great ideas you have done nothing with? Do you start things and not finish them? Do you hold back? Do you know what could be, but accept what is? Then you’re going to love this talk. You’re going to learn what you have to do to get out of your own way, make some changes and get something better started.


12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Networking and Mini Business Expo

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm Serious Shift presented by Dennis Moseley-Williams

4:30 pm – 5:00 pm Open Networking

5:00 pm – 6:30 pm Dinner Break

6:30 pm – 9:00 pm More with Dennis Moseley-Williams