SESSION ONE  •  Tues, Sept. 18, 2018  •  1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Delatorro McNeal


Speak with Confidence, Win Your Audience & Grow Your Bank Account

We are excited to have the dynamic and energetic, Delatorro McNeal II back again with an all new topic! You can get a sneak peak of his engaging presence by previewing his last seminar at The YES Network above.

Are you ready for your confidence to explode? Your audiences to request you again? To add some zeros to your bank account? Regardless of your profession, career, dream or aspiration, there is a universal skill that you can develop that will be responsible for a large portion of your overall success… Public Speaking & Presentation. Through Platinum Presentations Delatorro gives
you the Techniques, Ideas, Principles and Strategies that he’s used for over 20 years to deliver top-notch presentations to organization all over the world.

SESSION TWO  •  Tues, Sept. 18, 2018  •  6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Robert Stevenson


 The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

We are excited to also have award-winning-speaker, Robert Stevenson, here again speaking on Innovation! You can get a sneak peak of his content-rich presentations by previewing his last seminar at The YES Network above.

Simple words like “Why” or “What if” can save a company if asked at the right time. Great leaders see challenges as an invitation. In an environment where the Top 10 In-Demand Jobs today did not exist in 2004 innovation has become
one of the critical functions of survival for companies today. With over 30 years of extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Robert Stevenson understands what it takes to succeed. He is a man who knows how to deal with the risks, competition, and the ever-changing business arena.

Event Location

4 Points by Sheraton
27000 S. Karevich Dr.
Novi, MI 48377
(248) 348-5000